about us


M+Q and Magti together to create worth for our customers.

The meeting of two worlds, extraction and research-marketing, give birth to a new company which places the block at the centre of its mission.

M+Q owns quarries of immortal materials: Nero Impala, Virginia Black, Nero Zimbawe, Verde Oliva.

Magti has a great organisation, facilities dedicated to material selection in India and Brazil, a research network all over the world.

Our experience, our quarry production, human resources and expertise in selecting and inspecting materials, are at our customers’ service.

Our two storages are located in Massa Carrara and Rivoli Veronese.

Research, expertise and quality. We have made of these three words our mission.

Massa offices – via bozzone 141

Massa storage – via bozzone 141

Verona offices – via del commercio 37010 Rivoli veronese (VR)

Verona storage – via del commercio 37010 Rivoli veronese (VR)